The South Charleston Opera House Players


2012’s Staged 1947 Radio Play of vintage Hitchcock thrillers

Join us this year for our 26th year of continuous theater productions. Over past years we’ve had a number of comical farces, dinner theaters, plus melodramas and variety shows.

Backstage before a 14-minute show

Younger cast members having fun warming up for their 14-minute spoof of Henry the 5th.

All proceeds go to the South Charleston Heritage Commission, a non-profit organization created to restore and maintain our small town Americana heritage.

Front of South Charleston Town Hall and Opera House, on Route 41

The front of South Charleston’s Town Hall and Opera House, 37 & 35 South Chillicothe St, S. Charleston, Ohio. Rt 41 a block and a half south of US 42.

We’re always scouting for acting talent for roles ranging from occasional bit parts to future starring roles!