2012 Opera House Players — April 13, 14 & 20, 21

The 2012 South Charleston Opera House Players present South Charleston’s spring stage play: Vintage Hitchcock, A Live Radio Play,

Friday and Saturday nights, April 13, 14 and 20, 21. Tickets by phone available through Charleston Pharmacy and, as available, at the door. 7:30PM start times. Charleston Pharmacy: 937-462-8331, credit cards accepted. Doors open at 7PM. 37 South Chillicothe St (State Route 41) in the heart of historic South Charleston, Ohio (southeastern Clark county).

You’ll “see” performed live on stage three short-story suspense thrillers, each previously done by the master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock. Three shows wrapped inside another show, that of a post-war ’40s live radio studio outside Gotham. Close your eyes from time to time to let your imagination run, but don’t close them long because the action, sounds, and tunes are on the stage.

Front view of the Opera House on Rt 41, a block and a half south of US 42.

From the script writer: “Vintage Hitchcock: A Live Radio Play” is an evening of adaptations of three early films directed by Alfred Hitchcock: The Lodger, Sabotage and The 39 Steps. These stories come to life in the style of a 1940s radio broadcast, with several actors playing dozens of characters, live sound effects and musical underscoring.

Actress Agnes Moorehead appeared in the 1947 radio adaptation of “The Lodger.”


From the publishers: Spies, murder, love, and other trademarks of Alfred Hitchcock come to life in the style of a 1940s radio broadcast of the master of suspense’s earlier films. With The Lodger, Sabotage and The 39 Steps, Vintage Hitchcock: A Live Radio Play is a triple feature, complete with vintage commercials, that recreates a daring train chase, a serial killer’s ominous presence, and a devastating explosion through the magic of live sound effects and musical underscoring.

Newspaper write-up from The Messenger

(L-R) Tonya Driever, Natalie Clouser, Dave Edwards, Paul Smith, Karl Loveless, Sue Mattinson and many more star in the show. This shot is from a later practice.












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The stage play was written as a derivative work by Joe Landry. The original stories are in the public domain:
The Lodger: A Tale of the London Fog (1913) by Marie Adelaide Belloe Lowndes
The Secret Agent (1907) by Joseph Conrad (the basis of Sabotage)
The 39 Steps (1915) by John Buchan


Cast (in general order of appearance):

Paul Smith
Karl Loveless
Josh Lewis
Kaitlyn Segrest
Taegen Hartman
Larry Gochenour
David Edwards
Arlene Morrow
Luke Farmer
Jon Mercer
Dwight Driever
Sue Mattinson
Larry Tillman
Tom Frysinger
Natalie Clouser
Judy Burton
Tonya Driever
Kim Breeze

Crew & Contributors beyond the scenes:
Patrick Dempsey
Nate Berrier
Gary Kaufman
Taylor Cason
Geoff Schneider
Bryan Brightman

Vintage radio commercials for your amusement

View of the proscenium theater from the rear balcony. (It looks far away, but isn’t, and the acoustics are great!) Seats about 240.

We’re located in the center of the village of South Charleston, Ohio, on State Route 41, one & a half blocks south of US Rt 42.

Map, directions, and contact info

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